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Advocates for diversity, proponents of inclusion


Due to existing inequities in STEM fields, Inclusivity in the Biosciences Association (IBA) seeks to effect change in the field of biological sciences. We promote diversity and inclusion in biology, bring attention to inequities within our institution, engage with the public on science, and foster connections with other organizations working towards equality.

To this end, we have organized and participated in diverse initiatives including symposiums that promote inclusivity and education outreach – see more or what we do!

2018-04-24 16.09.26Teddy van Opstal, Katrina Ngo, and Brittany Leigh (back left to right) playing a IBA designed board game that teaches basic evolutionary principles of biology. (photo credit: Steve Baskauf)


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mail iba[at]vanderbilt.edu



We thank our funding sources for making our mission and objectives possible.



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